Sewer Connection Incentive Program (SCIP)

Is your home on a septic system? If so, we invite you to learn more about Vancouver’s Sewer Connection Incentive Program (SCIP). SCIP provides an easy and affordable solution to septic owners in our service area who are ready to make the connection to our safe, reliable public wastewater system.

Did you know ... Nearly one out of every four U.S. homes relies on an on-site wastewater system. An estimated 12 percent of those don’t know the location of the septic system on their property, and a significant number are thought to be experiencing problems, endangering groundwater sources and lowering property values. Septic systems were initially installed in areas too far away from existing sewer networks to enable service. Some may even be unaware they are still hooked to septic.

Interested? Questions? Just call 360-487-7150 and ask for more details about SCIP. Thanks!

Selecting a contractor or plumber for your portion of the project

More helpful information for getting connected:

Ready to select a qualified contractor or plumber for your sewer lateral and connection to public sewer? Be an informed consumer! Here are some helpful tips from the city of Vancouver’s Sewer Connection Incentive Program (SCIP):

  • In Washington, contractors who perform work, advertise or submit bids or proposals must be registered with the state Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), post a bond and carry general liability insurance. You can visit L&I’s Construction Compliance Web site or call the toll-free contractor registration hotline at 1-800-647-0982 to find out if a contractor is registered, whether any action is pending or has taken place, and more.
  • Get referrals from neighbors, friends and family who have had their sewer connected.
  • Contact SCIP at (360) 487-7150 for a list of local contractors and plumbers who are licensed and bonded with the city.
  • Before hiring a sewer contractor or plumber, interview several registered ones. Be especially specific about the work and quality of restoration and/or cleanup expected when the job is complete. Below are some questions to consider asking. Please keep in mind this is not a complete list, as every project is different. It is intended simply to help you get started.
  1. Are you registered and bonded to work in Washington State? (Ask for WA Contractors License and Liability Insurance numbers and expiration dates.)
  2. How long have you been in business? Doing this type of project?
  3. Can you provide a written, itemized bid/estimate? (Note: Itemized bids/estimates will allow you to compare the different ones you receive. Look for these items to be included on the itemized list or otherwise factored in:
    • Pumping the septic tank
    • Decommissioning the septic system • Material costs (pipe, fittings, etc.)
    • Equipment costs • Labor Costs
    • Landscape restoration and/or cleanup
    • Permits, if you choose to have the contractor obtain these)
  4. Are there any out-of-the-ordinary issues with my site that cause additional costs?
  5. If selected, when would the project get started? Be finished?
  6. How do you resolve any problems or inconveniences that might come up?
  7. Can you provide me with a list of independent references with a project similar to mine? (Note: After the interview, do call and check with the references. Ask about the quality of work, whether any differences or problems arose during the course of the project and, if so, how these were resolved. It is important that you have confidence in the contractor you hire and have the ability to talk easily with them.)

Remember: Before you or your contractor get permits for the job, you must finance or pay your city sewer main line fee. For information about SCIP financing or assistance available, please call (360) 487-7150.