Speed Monitor Awareness Radar Trailer - Volunteer Information

The speed trailer is an educational device that helps drivers become more aware of the speed limit. This awareness tool can also help residents survey local traffic speeds in their neighborhood. The speed trailer is set up alongside the roadway by a city Traffic Engineering and Operations technician or by a trained SMART (Speed Monitor Awareness Radar Trailer) volunteer. The Public Works speed trailer is solar-powered and uses a radar gun to display speeds of passing vehicles. The trailer is usually deployed for one week (Monday through Friday).

SMART Volunteer Program

The City of Vancouver Public Works Department will work with SMART volunteers to set up the speed trailer at various locations in the City of Vancouver. The speed trailer is a tool used to educate motorists about their speed and provide awareness of local speed limits.

Role of the SMART Volunteer
  • A team of two volunteers will deploy trailer at all times.
  • Participate in a driver training course and speed trailer set up demonstration.
  • Submit to and pass a background clearance and clear an approved driver’s abstract.
  • Pick up city vehicle and speed trailer and deploy trailer to pre-determined location. Set up trailer in safe location and return city vehicle to operations center. Pick up same trailer and transport to new location or back to City Operations Center. 

Role of City of Vancouver
  • Provide scheduling tool for volunteer’s time.
  • Coordinate scheduling of placement locations throughout the community.
  • Provide a criterion for safe placement locations.  Trailer will be placed by request and on a first come first service basis.
  • Provide appropriate resources e.g. speed trailer, transport vehicle, automobile insurance coverage.
  • Provide training and support to SMART volunteer for trailer set up, scheduling, location determination, and safety protocol.
Qualifications and Requirements of SMART Volunteer
  • Volunteer must have & provide a copy of valid  driver’s license
  • Drivers abstract will not include any infractions listed in the Motor Vehicle Usage Policy 403 #12 (see specific below in orientation packet materials)
  • Able to successfully pass a background check.
  • Complete City of Vancouver hold harmless release form and vehicle use agreement. See City Employment policy 403 Motor Vehicle Usage for additional information regarding the use of city vehicles.
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds, bend, twist, and kneel.
  • Desire to support the safety of all citizens of Vancouver.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All SMART volunteers will participate in an onsite demonstration/training before deploying speed trailer. 
  • All volunteers will participate in a driver’s training course.
Time Commitment of SMART Volunteer

The time commitment will vary depending on the availability of speed trailer and frequency of relocation. In most cases, SMART volunteer will be asked to commit to 3-4 hours per month. In most case, the trailer will be deployed Monday through Friday and will return to the Operations Center by Friday at 3 p.m. Based on availability and need some weekend deployment may occur.


Promote awareness and safe travel throughout Vancouver. 

Process for speed trailer placement

Citizen will complete online request form or call to request trailer placement.  Deployment is based on availability, need and history of deployment. If a predetermined location is not set volunteers determine that location of placement for that week. 

Apply as a SMART volunteer

Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Hailey Heath hailey.heath@cityofvancouver.us or 360.487.8316 or online by clicking here

Request the Speed Trailer

Follow this link to request that the City's speed trailer be placed in your neighborhood. Please fill out the online form and then submit. www.cityofvancouver.us/SpeedTrailerRequest