Stormwater, Surface Water & Groundwater Utility

Burnt Bridge Creek

The City of Vancouver invites the public to review and offer comments on the regular annual update of its Stormwater Management Plan. To review the draft 2017 plan, please click here.

To offer comments, please use the online form here. Written comments may also be submitted by mail to Vancouver Surface Water Management, P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995. Please note that comments must be received by Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

About our programs

Vancouver’s Stormwater, Surface Water and Groundwater programs not only provide the direction and technical expertise needed in the planning, review and design of efficient storm water systems, they also are leading the way in protecting and improving our surface and ground water resources for our community and our environment.

Every year, our Operations Center's Drainage/Surface Water Team cleans each of Vancouver's 13,000-plus catch stormwater drains. In the process, the team removes approximately 500 tons of leaves, sediment and other debris. They also maintain more than 300 miles of stormwater pipe lines.

Meanwhile, our Surface Water Management Team in Engineering Services provides engineering direction and technical expertise in the planning, review and design of efficient stormwater systems. Protecting our community water resources and complying with permit regulations is critical part of our work.

REMEMBER: When mixed with rain, leaves in streets can quickly clog stormwater drains, causing standing water and flooding. Never rake or blow leaves or other yard debris into the street.