Street Funding Strategies Input & Outreach

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In its goal to address long-term street funding, Vancouver's City Council sought public input. Here's a quick summary of what was done:

  • Mayor’s Commission on Street Funding - Click on this title link, left, to go to the Commission page with meeting materials and notes. Commission recommendations were presented to the City Council in a workshop on Oct. 12.
  • Interactive Public Engagement Web Tool: This tool, designed to provide information and obtain input beyond the reach of what might be achieved by an open house gathering, was promoted throughout various City communication channels and made available to the public for six weeks.The City would like to thank the hundreds of people who participated and shared feedback about our community's street system and funding options. We encourage you to stay involved and continue to learn more about taking care of our streets. For more detailed background on how this tool functioned, please see below.
  • Presentations: City staff reached out to a variety of stakeholder organizations and provided a presentation that corresponds with the web-based input tool that was used for general public input. Two handouts were provided during the presentations: View the Scenario Options handout. View the Funding Options handout.

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Visit the Street Strategies webpage: Improving Our Street System - Needs & Strategies or

Additional information about the Online Input Tool

For six weeks, starting mid-May 2015, the City used a special web-based tool to expand the ability to reach citizens and gather input on this important issue to our community.

IMPORTANT: The online tool was not intended as a scientific and statistically valid survey. It was intended to expand community input beyond the number who might be able to attend more traditional public meetings and provide citizens with an interactive means of considering options and weighing results.

The variety of possible funding sources and combinations is greater than what can be accommodated in the online tool and in-person presentation, which included four identified options commonly used by Washington cities for funding streets as a starting place for engagement. Feedback received from citizens using the online tool and from stakeholder presentations will be used to help guide recommendations to the Council on the right funding mix, which may include other sources and combinations of options.

Here's a review of how the online tool worked: Participants visited a special webpage with a series of five screens with tabs and titles for each on the right. There were tasks to perform on each numbered screen. To open each screen, participants clicked NEXT or the title on the tab. A progress bar at the top which tasks remained. Input was collected as participants worked through each screen.The last selection made is what was recorded. Help and instruction windows were also provided. This web-based tool is a MetroQuest® public involvement software. For information on the privacy policy, please email

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