Traffic Impact Fees

Traffic impact fees (TIF) are charged for development that generates additional automobile trips in several TIF districts within Vancouver. Impact fees are imposed at the time of building permit issuance and may be paid in cash or with impact fee credits. Information on impact fee credit accounts is available below.

TIF Program Repeal

Action Deferred on July 16, 2012. City Council met in a workshop on July 16,2012, and decided to defer all amendments to the TIF Program. They recommended staff incorporate all comments to date into the TIF Program Redesign. This matter will be studied in a larger project that addresses street funding strategy. This memo contains documents summarizing the spring 2012 process. Contact Matt Ransom, Project Development and Policy Manager, 360-487-7707. 

TIF Program Redesign

The City of Vancouver is initiating a comprehensive review of the Traffic Impact Fee program, which will include review of fees, projects, district boundaries and regulating codes. This project is being undertaken as part of the City’s effort to prepare a comprehensive street funding strategy. Work on the TIF Program Redesign will begin in 1st quarter 2013 with recommendations expected by year-end.

Contact Information

TIF Program Development Specific Questions
Ryan Lopossa
Senior Civil Engineer
4500 SE Columbia Way

Development Review Services/Permit Counter
415 W. 6th Street