Traffic Impact Fees

State law (RCW 82.02) and local code (VMC 20.915), enables the City to impose Traffic Impact Fee’s (TIF’s) for new development to collect a proportional share of the cost of the City’s investment in the public transportation infrastructure. The City of Vancouver has been collecting TIF’s for new development since 1996. TIF’s are imposed for development that generates additional automobile trips in several different TIF districts within Vancouver. Impact fees are imposed at the time of building permit issuance and may be paid in cash or with impact fee credits. Information on impact fee credit accounts is available below.

TIF Program Update

The City of Vancouver recently completed a comprehensive revision to the Traffic Impact Fee program. This process included an update to the TIF project list, updated cost information for each project, a comprehensive financial analysis of the TIF program, a redesign of the TIF district boundaries and an update to the TIF rates. The updated TIF program was approved by the Vancouver City Council in December 2014 and became effective on June 3, 2015. The following provides additional information about the new TIF program:

TIF Credits

Traffic Impact Fee Credits are accounting credits provided by the City for use in the payment of TIF’s. Credits are issued in association with the improvement to and/or new construction of transportation infrastructure on projects currently listed in the TIF Program Technical Document and which are also required as a condition of approval for an adjacent development proposal. Pursuant to VMC 20.915.090(3), the maximum TIF credit that can be earned shall be equal to the amount of TIF that is required for the development proposal for which the improvements have been required. 

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