Tree Care Companies with Street Tree Worker License

A Street Tree Worker License is required to perform major pruning on street trees.

The following is a list of tree care contractors that have met the minimum qualifications to obtain a Street Tree Worker License. According to the Street Tree Ordinance (VMC 12.04). Only individuals or companies with a valid Street Tree Worker License may perform major pruning on street trees. The work these companies perform must be done in accordance with the guidelines and specifications contained within the Street Tree Manual.

Permits are required for planting, major pruning, and removal of all street trees. Contact Urban Forestry before beginning any work on street trees.

Advice about how to hire an arborist can be found on the Urban Forestry website. Make sure to solicit bids from multiple qualified tree care providers; the lowest bid is not always the best. Require a written job proposal and estimate. Check references.

Note: Neither the City of Vancouver nor this department endorses these firms or assumes liability for their services.

AK Timber Services LLC 360-635-1076;

Arborscape 360-944-5124;

Arborsmith Tree Service 360-624-3128;

Arbor Science Tree Care 360-521-0249

Bartlett Tree Experts/ Collier Arbor Care 360-693 6056 

Cascade Tree Works LLC 360-718-7180;

Davey Tree / Organicare 360-694-5335;

Emerald Tree, LLC 503-310-5046;

Frontier Landscaping & Tree Service 360-574-4125

General Tree Service 503-656-2656

GRO Outdoor Living 971-404-3514;

Integrity Tree Care, Inc 360-885-2467;

J's Custom Landscaping, Inc 360-521-1479;

Kunze Farms Tree and Landscape 360-696-1545

Lacey Tree Consultation 360-903-5373

Northwest Arbor-Culture, Inc 1-877-477-TREE (8733);

Northwest Tree Specialists 503-645-2242

Pacific Northwest Arborists, Inc 360-687-2302

Rich’s Tree Service, Inc 503-465-2133;

Teufel Nursery, Inc 503-535-9877;

Tree Care and Landscapes Unlimited 360-737-2646

Tree Expert NW LLC 360-601-8146

TreeWise LLC 360-696-9610;

Westcoast Tree Care, Inc (425) 922-1515;

For more information or questions regarding permits or trees, Contact Vancouver Urban Forestry at (360) 487-8328 or