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What is green infrastructure? (1/6/2016)  
Green infrastructure is a cost-effective, resilient approach to managing wet weather impacts that provides communities many benefits.

My Tree - Our Forest campaign to raise awareness about the value of trees (12/29/2015) 
Projects tells the story of how trees improve air and water, quality of life.

Think of trees as your landscape's treasures (11/25/2015)   
Some of the things we do to our trees are outright criminal. Considering the fact that they are our most valuable landscaping investments, you’d think we’d pay better attention.

Think like a tree: What we can learn from the oaks that survived Katrina (8/26/15)
As the tallest living things on earth, trees have developed strategies to protect themselves against threats to their leaved towers. In the process, they’ve “managed to solve daunting problems of engineering,” says Steven Vogel, a Duke biologist who studies the ways organisms structure themselves in moving fluids.

Sprouting a Forest in the City (9/26/2014)
Rich Hallett’s job today is collecting leaves from the tops of trees—and he has an unusual way of doing it. He has an eight-foot-tall sling shot. He’s shooting a bean bag connected to a nylon string 30 feet in the air towards the branches of a Willow oak tree. But he keeps missing his target.

Trees save lives, reduce respiratory problems (7/15/2014)
In the first broad-scale estimate of air pollution removal by trees nationwide, U.S. Forest Service scientists and collaborators calculated that trees are saving more than 850 human lives a year and preventing 670,000 incidents of acute respiratory symptoms.

One of the first fruit trees planted in America is still alive and well at age 383 (8/25/12)
It may be hard to believe, however, but one of America's earliest settlers is still alive today -- and still bearing fruit after 383 years.

This Nonprofit Is Quietly Cloning the World's Largest (and Oldest) Trees (7/23/13)
The Milarch's have spent the past two decades assembling a “living library” of the world's most important old growth trees, cloning hundreds of different species along the way.

Urban Dwellers Happier in Cities with Trees and Green Space (4/22/13)
New research finds that people who live in urban areas with more green space tend to report greater well-being than city dwellers who don’t have parks, trees, or other green space nearby.

That Tree on the Corner May Be Worth More Than Your House (2/18/13)
Trees in an urban setting, whether in sidewalks, medians, yards or parks, have benefits beyond giving shade, and these benefits translate into dollars and cents.

Local Self Reliance: Urban Forestry (1/27/2013)
Trees are all too often a scarce resource in American cities, and this "urban deforestation" is unfortunate for a number of reasons.

Trees are a Matter of Life and Death (11/1/12)
Research demonstrates that exposure to trees brings people together, reduces crime, and lowers stress. Trees are even a matter of life and death — their presence is a predictor of death rates for many.

Trees Linked to Less Crime, Research Finds (6/19/12)
Leafy blocks in city, county had fewer break-ins, shootings.

Tips for Tree Planting (6/8/12)
Tips from Vancouver's City Forester on tree planting.