Vancouver crews deicing, plowing as more snow arrives

Press Release Date:
Friday, February 7, 2014

Still working around the clock, City of Vancouver Public Works crews continue to spread deicer on main streets, overpasses and hills, trying to break up any remaining snowpack before it can bind with this next band of snow falling now.

This next storm system could sock Vancouver with another 3-8 inches of snow, according to the latest forecasts. Within Vancouver, neighborhoods in the northwest got the most of Thursday’s snow, which fell hardest on the Ridgefield area. Tonight could be a repeat performance.

Vancouver Public Works has 17 vehicles outfitted with combination plows and deicers to handle both snow or icy conditions. The City makes its own deicing solution, and continues to have ample supplies at both its east and west Vancouver Operations sites.

Tonight’s plan of attack is to continue deicing for as long as snow accumulations remain low and deicers can do their job. Once snowfall builds up to a level where deicing solutions and granules begin to lose effectiveness, crews will switch to plowing once again. Vancouver Public Works Streets and Equipment Services crews will continue working 12-hour shifts to provide round-the-clock coverage until temperatures warm and the threat of severe conditions passes.

Vancouver Public Works reminds drivers to give snowplows and deicing equipment sufficient space to do their job safely. As streets become slick with snow, travel can become treacherous. Those who don’t need to drive, should avoid doing so.

Keeping sidewalks passable is the responsibility of adjacent property owners in Vancouver. Snow removed from sidewalks and driveways should be piled on yards, not in streets. Those who can are asked to lend a hand to elderly or disabled neighbors who may need  help.

Vancouver Public Works also reminds customers to protect water pipes and hose bibs during freezing conditions. Customers who experience freezing water pipes are encouraged to leave a faucet open and call a plumber. Never try to thaw pipes with an open flame.

To report a problem with City of Vancouver streets or water, please call Public Works Operations at 360-487-8177. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

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