Vancouver Lake Watershed

The below is intended as a brief snapshot of some Vancouver Lake Watershed efforts since 2004. More information can be found by clicking on the links in the content below. Those interested in learning more about Vancouver Lake at this time are encouraged to connect with the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership. (See below.)


Vancouver Lake is a large Columbia River floodplain lake situated adjacent to the City of Vancouver. As a regional resource, it provides a variety of functions, including wildlife habitat; flood control; wetlands, surface water and ground water hydrology; boating, bird watching, hiking, hunting and more. A variety of government agencies share interest, involvement and authority over those many and diverse lake functions, which have been shaped by years of public interests, from farming in the 1800s to the present. According to a recent US Geological Survey (USGS) study, Vancouver's Burnt Bridge Creek contributes about 2 percent on an annual basis to the flow volume into Vancouver Lake.

Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership

In 2004, the Port of Vancouver, City of Vancouver Department of Public Works, Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation, Clark County Department of Public Works and the Fruit Valley Neighborhood Association formed the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership to bring together federal, state, local public agencies  and citizen stakeholders concerned about water quality and lake closures resulting from toxic cyanobacteria blooms in the lake. Over the 10 years that followed, the Partnership efforts established a solid foundation for future planning and potential implementation. The website created for the Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership is still available as a resource. Click on this link to view the ( website and its materials, presentations and links to important resources and historic information. Note: The official Partnership webpage is overseen by the Steering Group and retained as a resource. The Partnership is not responsible for any other Vancouver Lake Watershed social media or webpages and is not responsible for the content of any sites linked to the Partnership website, per City of Vancouver web policy.

Experience Vancouver Lake

In 2015, the Partnership's funding Steering Committee agreed to contract with Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership to engage Vancouver area students and community members in a comprehensive watershed outreach program that builds community awareness and appreciation for Vancouver Lake. The Experience Vancouver program is also intended to build a constituency of people committed to ensuring Vancouver Lake remains a valued regional community treasure and environmental resource. Learn about the April 27, 2016, Experience Vancouver Open House.