Vancouver Public Works launches new radar speed trailer volunteer program to help calm traffic

Press Release Date:
Monday, April 14, 2014
SMART Volunteers

Vancouver Public Works today launched a new volunteer program to raise driver awareness and calm neighborhood traffic using the City’s radar speed trailer. The Speed Monitor Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) is an educational device that shows drivers in real-time both their speeds and the City’s speed limit. This awareness tool can also help residents get a better understanding of local traffic speeds in their neighborhood.

The City enlisted the assistance of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance to help design the new SMART Volunteer Program, recruit fellow neighbors to volunteer and champion the effort to improve neighborhood livability and safety. The launch of this new SMART Volunteer Program provides residents with another tool in helping slow traffic and educating drivers.

The successful partnership between the City of Vancouver, Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance and community volunteers provides the resources that allow the radar speed trailer to be offered as a traffic calming and educational tool. “The City of Vancouver has worked with the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance for more than 10 years to promote traffic safety in residential areas,” said Department of Public Works Director Brian Carlson. “This new volunteer program is another example of our collaborative partnership to improve our community.”

Ross Montgomery, Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance Chair, said the partnership between the City, NTSA and local citizens are helping to make a difference. “Residents from this community are really stepping up to make this a successful program,” Montgomery said. “Vancouver is a community that volunteers.”

The Public Works’ radar speed trailer is placed alongside the roadway, usually for one week from Monday to Friday. The trailer is solar-powered and uses a radar gun to display speeds of passing vehicles. The primary focus of the speed trailer is local, residential Vancouver streets with speed limits of 25 mph. To request that the City's radar speed trailer be placed in your neighborhood, please follow this web link to fill out and submit the online form: Requests are subject to schedule openings and availability of volunteers.

To become a SMART Volunteer, assist with deploying the speed trailer to various locations in the City of Vancouver and help slow speeds throughout Vancouver, follow this link:

To learn more about the Speed Trailer Program:

Traffic Calming is any device or program that is designed to discourage speeding, enhance livability and improve overall neighborhood traffic safety. In addition to the speed trailer, there are a number of tools that residents can use to help calm traffic and raise awareness. To learn what tools are available and what you can do to get involved, please visit


Hailey Heath, City of Vancouver Volunteer Coordinator, 360-487-8316,
Brooke Porter, Outreach Coordinator, Public Works, 360-487-7116,