Water Resources Protection Program

Storm drain medallions remind us that stormwater drains lead to rivers and streams

The Water Resources Protection Ordinance provides the tools Vancouver needs to protect the rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater, which are important to our community and high quality of life.

This ordinance requires everyone to follow minimum standards that help protect the “critical” aquifers underlying the entire city. It also establishes greater standards of compliance for businesses and industries that manage hazardous materials; creates Special Protection Areas around the City’s water stations as an additional safeguard; and provides cooperative, cost-effective solutions through technical assistance, education and public outreach.

Water Resources Protection GIS Atlas

With the City of Vancouver's GIS Atlas mapping system, you can view water resources information on maps you create. You can also see the local businesses, industries and neighborhoods that our team is working with as help the community by protecting our surface waters and ground water resources.

Storm Drain/Catch Basin Protections

Did you know what flows down the storm drain could also pollute our streams, rivers and wetlands? Please, only rain down the drain! Here's how you can help protect your community's water resources:

  • Use a commercial car wash that filters and recycles water to wash your vehicles.
  • If you must wash your car at home, keep soapy water out of the street to prevent soap, grime and other runoff from going down the drain where they can cause harm to aquatic life and resources.
  • Keep your vehicles maintained and tuned to avoid contamination due to leaking oil and grease.
  • Pick up after pets.
  • Get involved with Vancouver's Storm Drain Education Program. See below for more information.

Storm Drain Medallion Program

Get involved with Vancouver's Storm Drain Medallion Program. You can help protect our community's natural water resources and wildlife by installing medallions near stormwater drains and catch basins. Here’s how:

Other Materials & Information

Please watch here for links to brochures and other helpful information.

Installing storm drain medallions help as a reminder that what goes in the drain flows to the river