Transportation Benefit District Board of Directors Meeting

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Monday, December 7, 2015 - 7:00pm

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Board of Directors Meeting
December 7, 2015
Vancouver Council Chambers




4:45 p.m.                Call to Order & Roll Call
Staff Communications (Eric Holmes, Executive Director)
Consent Agenda

1) Adoption of TBD Bylaws (TBD15-001)

5-6 p.m.                  WORK SESSION: Overview of Remaining Inaugural Action Items

Presenters: Bill Whitcomb, Public Works Finance & Asset Manager; Linda Marousek, Assistant City Attorney

Memo (PDF)

8 p.m.                      Reconvene TBD Meeting
                     Public Hearings

2) Material Change Policy (TBD15-002)
3) Adoption of Vehicle License Fee (TBD15-003)
4) Adoption of TBD Budget (TBD15-004)
5) Adoption of Annual Work Plan and Project List Selection (TBD15-005)

New Business

6) Interlocal Agreement with the City of Vancouver (TBD15-006)