Grant Street Pier close up
Waterfront Water Feature
Waterfront Aerial Rendering

Waterfront Park Project

Construction is now underway on the new waterfront park, which is part of the redevelopment of an old Boise-Cascade mill site along the Columbia River just west of the former Red Lion Inn at The Quay.

The first phase of construction, which started in summer 2016, will build the iconic Grant Street pier. Phase 2, which will begin construction in January 2017, will build most of the remaining park elements, including the extension of the Waterfront Renaissance Trail, open lawn, a play area, urban beach, basalt steps and seating areas and other typical park furnishings.

The 7.3-acre waterfront park is part of a 32-acre, high density, mixed use urban redevelopment project that will include office space, retail space and residential units.

The park will integrate public open spaces with a more natural river edge, park landscapes and the dynamic opportunities of the adjacent urban development. The design incorporates the fluctuating character of the Columbia River, the site’s cultural history, and public art. Year-round access, flexible spaces for activities and events, and a unique experience will capture the imagination of every visitor.

The Vancouver Waterfront Park is an investment in our future, connecting you to your new park and future jobs, housing and retail. It will also help reconnect our downtown to the nearby water; and our historic past to our bright future.

Waterfront Park development master plan
Artist rendering of central public pier
Artist rendering of the central public pier, side view
Artist rendering of the new waterfront park looking east
Artist rendering of the new waterfront park looking from the plaza to the pier
Artist rendering of the new waterfront park looking west
Artist rendering of the western end of the new waterfront park