Contract Attorney Opportunity – Prosecution Services

Up to $12,500 monthly

Pursuant to Vancouver Municipal Code (VMC) 3.05.200, the Vancouver City Attorney’s Office is accepting letters of interest from qualified attorneys and/or firms interested in fulfilling a 6-month contract for prosecution services. Anticipated engagement dates: December 21, 2023 – June 21, 2024.

The successful attorney(s) will perform some or all of the duties referenced below on an as-needed basis. (Approximately 30-40 hrs./week.)


DOQ compensation up to $12,500/month

Inquiries/Letters of Interest

Please respond via email to:

Kevin McClure
Vancouver City Prosecutor

Interested attorneys/firms are requested to supply resumes from all attorneys who may be used to fulfill the contract attorney duties.

Desired qualifications

Primary Contract Attorney Duties

  1. Make Charging Decisions: review evidence and make timely charging decisions in a manner consistent with (a) a prosecutor’s professional obligations (see e.g., RPC 3.8), (b) office charging standards, and (c) the City Prosecutor’s and/or City Attorney’s direction. It is the expectation of the City Attorney’s Office that, in general, a charging decision be made within 2-4 weeks of receipt from the referring agency. It is anticipated that this timeframe will be delayed if further evidence is needed. (For instance, where follow-up investigation activity is requested of law enforcement or the City Attorney’s Office is awaiting lab test results.)
  2. Generate Witness Lists: proactively identify witnesses needed for trial and collaborate with assigned Legal Assistant to ensure that subpoenas are timely generated and served. While witness lists are subject to later amendment, they should generally be prepared within 5 days of a case being set for trial.
  3. Communication with victims: explain, as needed, the rationale for bringing, maintaining, declining, reducing, or dismissing criminal charges on any case on which the attorney is assigned.
  4. Identify Evidence: while the City Attorney’s Office (CAO) Investigator will gather common types of evidence used in most cases (e.g., VPD camera evidence, audio recordings of 911 calls, certified copies of driving records (CCDRs), and physical evidence located at the VPD Evidence Facility), the contract attorney(s) will be responsible for proactively identifying any other evidence needed for trial. Attorney(s) should collaborate with the CAO Investigator and/or assigned Legal Assistant in a timely manner to obtain evidence well in advance of trial. In general, requests for assistance in obtaining evidence should be made at the same time witness lists are generated.
  5. Drafting Legal Documents: Drafting Motions, Memoranda, and Orders: (ranging from relatively simple matters such as motions to continue to complex dispositive motions).
  6. Conduct Legal Research: proactively identify legal issues, research applicable laws, and propose appropriate revisions to Criminal Division policies and procedures.
  7. Case Management: Manage Case Preparation and Conduct, Hearings, Trials and Appeals: coordinate with assigned support staff members, manage case preparation on all assigned matters, review evidence, interview witnesses, and appear for and conduct hearings, trials, and appeals.