Vancouver Heritage Bond Sale

Preserve Vancouver’s past with an investment for your future.

This summer the City of Vancouver will start renovations on four former U.S. Army buildings of the West Barracks at the Fort Vancouver National Site. Funding for this $8.3 million project will come from a variety of sources including up to $1.5 million in Vancouver Heritage Bonds offered for sale to local residents

The sale of Vancouver Heritage Bonds is now closed. A total of $1,296,500 were sold.

Official Statement

Aerial Photo of the West Barracks Project

View a map of the Fort Vancouver National Site showing the West Barracks Project.

Artillery Barracks – Built 1904

Part of the east wing of this building was remodeled in 2011 to create large meeting spaces. The current project will convert the rest of the 26,832 square foot building into offices.

Artillery Barracks – floor plan

Infantry Barracks – Built 1887

This 6,710 square foot building will be converted to apartments. It will have six studio units and six one-bedroom units ranging in size from 359 to 532 square feet.

Infantry Barracks floor plans

Quartermaster Storehouse – Built 1914

This 1,709 square foot building can be used for offices, art studio or gallery space, food service or retail.

Quartermaster building floor plan

Dental Surgeons Building – Built 1910

This 1,702 square foot building will be remodeled to create a flexible open space suitable for offices, arts space, or hospitality business.

Dental Surgeon floor plan

Additional Information

Lloyd Tyler, Chief Financial Officer

Carrie Lewellen, Treasurer,