Protecting Water Through Pollution Prevention

Water Resources Protection Ordinance Update

Invest in Clean Water. Prevent Pollution.

The City of Vancouver is updating its Water Resources Protection Ordinance, which outlines policies for pollution prevention and water protection. This update will comply with new state requirements and, through expanded efforts to work with local businesses, help us better protect the water resources we all share and rely upon.

The proposed ordinance updates are now complete and headed to City Council for review and approval.

Vancouver is a leader in protecting water resources.

This update will help guard against contamination and help prevent pollutants from reaching the Columbia River, Burnt Bridge Creek, and other local lakes, streams, and groundwater. Protecting water is good for our health, environment, and local economy. It costs a lot less to prevent pollution than to clean up major spills. 

What’s changing?

Many businesses are already meeting the City of Vancouver’s current pollution prevention requirements. With this update, other businesses may need to make changes to external cleaning and storage practices to prevent pollution from entering stormwater drainage systems.

When will the updated policies go into effect?

Final recommendations are scheduled for City Council review and approval on May 23 and June 6. 

City staff will start inspections of impacted businesses and provide technical assistance in early 2023.

How will I know if my business is affected?

If your business is affected, we will be in touch with you.

The City will provide support and technical assistance to help businesses comply with updated pollution prevention policies. This includes advice on best practices for preventing pollution, and guidance about managing and mitigating the waste a business may create. 

Project contact

Kris Olinger, Project Engineer,