Street Sweeping

City of Vancouver streetsweepers help keep debris out of our stormwater system

Residential streets in the City of Vancouver are swept approximately every nine weeks, except during severe weather. Street sweeping is a service of Vancouver Public Works' Operations Stormwater team.

Neighborhood street sweeping schedules are posted here and on the Vancouver Public Works Facebook Page. Like our page to get updates automatically each week.

Sweeping Schedule:

Week of Sept. 26:    
  • West Vancouver – Ellsworth Springs, Northcrest, North Garrison Heights, Northwood.
  • East Vancouver – Bella Vista, Cascade Southeast, Eastridge, Fairway 164th.
Week of Oct. 3:
  • West Vancouver – Forest Ridge, Marrion, Burton Ridge.
  • East Vancouver – Bennington, Westridge, Northfield.
Week of Oct. 10:
  • West Vancouver – Ogden, Van Mall, Glenwood Heights.
  • East Vancouver – Village at Fisher’s Landing, Fisher’s Creek, Fisher’s Landing East.

Street sweeping helps keep sediment, leaves and other debris and pollutants out of the stormwater system, which generally flow to our creeks and rivers. And it helps prevents localized street flooding due clogged drainage catch basins. You can help protect water quality and improve our community by keeping streets free of litter and debris.