Public Facilities District Board

Board Members

Abbie Layne

Board President

Abbie Layne is a semi-retired consultant. She was employed as an energy and cyber security engineer for 30 years. Abbie brings to the Board considerable expertise in management, strategic planning, budget assessment and engineering.

Azsha Preble

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Hunter Byrnes

Board Member

Hunter Byrnes serves as a project manager at an owner’s representative firm, collaborating with a diverse group of non-profit, tribal, and public entities in the Pacific Northwest.

With a foundation in design, Hunter has contributed to a broad spectrum of construction projects throughout the United States, gaining valuable experience in fieldwork, design, and management. He brings to the board a wealth of construction expertise, adept problem-solving skills, and effective management skills.


Board Member
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The Public Facilities District (PFD) was created by the City Council to develop the Special Events Center in downtown Vancouver (governing document – RCW 35.57.010). The PFD acts as an advisory body to the City Council. Its 5 board members are appointed by the Council to serve four-year terms in a voluntary capacity.

Meeting Time: Twice a year (typically in May and December)