Financial and Management Services

Ensuring cost-effective, high-quality services

We manage the financial planning and accounting for the City of Vancouver, including revenue forecasting and cost control.

The department also provides purchasing, accounts payable, business license, and payroll services in addition to assisting the City Manager in the preparation of the biennial budget.



Where does your property tax go?

Your city uses taxes to pay for services that touch nearly every part of life and business in Vancouver, including things like:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Street and traffic signal maintenance
  • Winter storm response
  • Building safety inspections
  • Parks and trails
  • Recreation programs
  • Economic development
  • and more

Learn more about these taxes and how they were spent in the City's Annual Report.

Why did business license fees change?

To respond to community priorities identified in the recently approved 2023-2024 biennial budget, the Vancouver City Council made changes to City business license fees to make investments in increased police services, park playground replacements, new roads, and economic development and job creation programs.

The changes will also reduce the fee burden on the smallest businesses in Vancouver, and those conducting limited business in the city.

Visit Business and Special Licenses for more information.