City Liaison

What does a City Liaison do?

A City Liaison specializes in receiving and responding to sensitive concerns and questions from the public. They work hard to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Their goal is to improve City responsiveness to the community.

The City Liaison coordinates efforts with other departments to solve complicated or complex problems and works to ensure the situation is addressed as quickly as possible and correctly.

They will help explain policies, procedures, laws and regulations as well as facilitate meetings with residents, community organizations and staff to ensure the proper resolution for the community.

Unfortunately, not everyone who files a concern will be satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes the answer is “no”. However, you will know that you have been heard, that the issue was researched, and an explanation provided.

Please keep in mind that the City Liaison can only assist with issues involving City of Vancouver government. Because the City has no jurisdiction over them, we cannot solve issues with County, State or Federal governments, but you will be provided with a contact for the respective agency.

When do I need a City Liaison?

  • When there is a complex question or concern that may involve several departments.
  • When you have a question and don’t know who to ask.
  • When you have a problem with City services and aren’t sure how to solve it.
  • When you have tried to find your own answer or solution and haven’t been successful.

If you would like the assistance of the City Liaison, you can:

Frequently requested phone numbers