Parking Services

Parking management plays an important role by ensuring parking is available for residents, businesses and visitors. Parking Services also manages nine municipal parking garages and lots. View frequently asked questions about parking. View information about disabled parking.

Parking citations

It is easy to pay a parking ticket in Vancouver. There are five options.

Monthly parking permits

Parking in downtown Vancouver

As downtown Vancouver grows and develops, parking management plays a very important role in this process by enabling needed parking turnover to help give more people the chance to shop, dine, visit, and play in downtown Vancouver. Parking management also provides extended stay options for people who work or require longer visits in downtown. For information about parking options in the greater downtown Vancouver area, see the City of Vancouver Parking Map to learn about hourly on-street parking off-street lots, garages and permits.

Parking in your neighborhood

Vehicles that are driven regularly may be parked on a public street within the city limits for up to 24 hours. Storing vehicles using on-street parking is not allowed. Violations could result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

Recreational vehicles

Recreational trailers and motor homes (without a temporary RV parking permit), boats/boat trailers, cars for sale, and abandoned/unauthorized vehicles cannot legally park on public streets, except temporarily for active loading and unloading purposes.

To park a recreational vehicle or motor home on the street a permit is required. This also includes visitors staying temporarily at your home or at your property, or on the street near your property, in a recreational camping trailer or motor home. Each permit is good for seven days with a maximum of 14 days total per year, per household. Permits are available at City Hall in the Building Permit Center or you can fill out the Recreational Vehicle Permit Form and return it to Code Compliance c/o City of Vancouver P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668.

Reporting parking and traffic concerns

You can report hazardous parking conditions or concerns through 311 or using the Parking Concern Form or Traffic Concern Form. For parking concerns in downtown or uptown (Esther Short Park neighborhood, Arnada neighborhood, Hough neighborhood, or any municipal parking garage), please contact City of Vancouver Parking at 360-487-8650 or

Learn more at Neighborhood Parking and Traffic.

Boards and Commissions

The Parking Advisory Committee advises City Council on policy issues related to all city-owned on-street and off-street parking facilities and makes recommendations on parking regulations.