Human Resources

Build the future with us

Our Human Resources Department takes care of the people who take care of Vancouver.

When it comes to our workforce, we help with recruiting, hiring, retaining and maintaining a healthy workplace for City staff – from benefits through working conditions. We manage the legal, compliance, equal employment opportunity and workforce diversity efforts of the City through a variety of programs.

Service areas

  • Employment (recruitment, selection and retention)
  • Policy development and administration
  • Training and development
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Job classification and compensation
  • Labor union and employee relations
  • Compliance with labor and civil rights laws
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Employee records management


We are building a workforce of the future through a shared commitment to equity, stewardship, resilience and safety. We create teams where people can do their best work because we build environments where it is safe to show up authentically.

We collaborate.

We work across teams to deliver the best outcomes possible for Vancouver. We engage proactively and thoughtfully, stay open to different perspectives and resolve disagreements constructively.

We value inclusivity.

The individual differences we each bring to the workplace make us a stronger organization. We strive to identify and remove barriers to participation. We take time to understand and create space to learn from each other.

We innovate.

We are curious. We seek out new and creative approaches to challenges, and we understand how learning results from trying new things and evaluating the outcomes.

We have compassion.

We value each other as individuals who contribute in their own, unique ways to the success of our organization. We practice self-care and lead with empathy to create a positive, productive work environment.

We empower each other.

We prioritize people over processes. We strive for excellence and nurture accountable leadership at all levels of the organization. And we celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

If our values align with your own, consider joining our team.

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