Procurement Services


Procurement Services is responsible for the purchasing of goods, services and construction administration on behalf of the City of Vancouver. We assist City departments with their surplus disposition, as needed. We strive to maintain the quality and integrity of the City’s procurement processes and maximize the value of purchases for the City and the citizens we serve.

Procurement Service works to assure transparency and fair treatment in all business transactions in compliance with all public purchasing regulations. No personal gifts or gratuities will be accepted directly or indirectly from suppliers.

Procurement Mission/Vision

Our Mission: To procure quality goods, services, and construction at the best value for the City, while providing excellent customer service, open and fair competition, transparency, and accountability while maintaining public trust through our integrity, experience and collaboration.
Our Vision: Be a leader in professional public procurement by continually achieving excellence in supplier engagement, ethical practices and innovative solutions.

Value/Ethics Statement

The City of Vancouver Procurement Department is a supporter of The Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement to shape, empower and elevate the public procurement profession through global values, principles and standards of practice. The Values include: Accountability, Ethics, Impartiality, Professionalism, Service and Transparency.

Small Works Roster Survey

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) for Small Works is changing effective July 1st, 2024. To address these legislative changes, the City of Vancouver is preparing to update our policies and procedures for Public Works done through the Small Works Roster. To support local contractors, the City would like to know more about your preferences.

We are inviting you to take this survey to learn more about your preferences and to see if there is interest in the City offering more training to local businesses about how to do business with us and other local public agencies.

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Bonfire Procurement Portal

The City uses Bonfire to manage procurement. Interested vendors can receive notifications, register your company and submit bids.

General questions

Contact Procurement Services at 360-487-8430 or

Disparity Study

2024 Vancouver Disparity Study

City of Vancouver engaged Keen Independent to analyze whether there is a level playing field for minority and woman-owned businesses in the local marketplace.

Keen Independent will also examine the City’s apprenticeship program and how this program affects small businesses and minority- and woman-owned businesses and their opportunities to participate in City projects.

The disparity study will provide data about marketplace conditions and any disparities in City contracts.

Study team member Customer Research International will survey firms in the region to identify companies available for contracts with the City. The study team will also interview businesses and trade associations about conditions in the marketplace.

To get involved visit the study website or attend one of the two upcoming sessions. There will be two virtual meetings taking place on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. The first session will be held from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm and to register for the session visit the session registration web page. The second session will be held from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and to register for this session visit the session registration web page.

Doing Business

Doing Business

Procurement Services is responsible for all purchases made on behalf of the City of Vancouver. Except for Purchasing Card transactions, City employees may not order from a supplier without first obtaining a numbered purchase order. The supplier should not allow purchases to be made without a signed purchase order. To do so could result in delay or refusal of payment. The City of Vancouver has created a Supplier Manual to provide potential suppliers with information on how to do business with the City.

Supplier Responsibilities

The supplier is expected to supply items ordered at the price quoted, according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions and by the date promised. Please note only the following City positions are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the City: City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Procurement Manager.

Supplier List

To be placed on the City of Vancouver’s supplier list for commodity, services and construction contracts, please visit the Municipal Research and Services Center website.

Procurement Services obtains quotations, bids, responses, or proposals in various ways, including:

  1. A department may call the supplier and request a verbal quotation.
  2. A department may call the supplier and request a written quotation.
  3. Procurement Services may solicit for quotations through:
    • Request for Quotations (RFQ)
    • Invitation to Bid (ITB)
    • Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
    • Request for Proposals (RFP)
    • Other available solicitation methods. Suppliers must follow the instructions outlined in these requests to ensure compliance and a responsive submittal.

Competitive Procedures

  • $10,000 for commodity items
  • $50,000 for most professional services
  • All amounts for architectural and engineering services
  • All amounts for public works (including applicable suppliers on the Small Works Roster)

ITB or RFP solicitation methods will be used for goods, materials, equipment and services procurements valued at more than $300,000 and an ITB solicitation method will be used construction projects over $300,000. Bid specifications are prepared jointly by Procurement Services and the using department. In some cases, notices are placed on the Procurement Services website and in local and regional newspapers and business journals.

Information about obtaining bid packets is available by contacting Procurement Services at, 415 W 6th Street, Vancouver, or by call 360-487-8430. Sealed bids are publicly opened as indicated in the bid specifications. Bids will not be accepted after the bid opening time. Suppliers, while not required, are invited to attend the bid opening.

Results of the bid opening and bid tabulations are typically available 24 hours after the bid opening at Procurement Services or by calling 360-487-8430.

Award of Contracts

In accordance with the City of Vancouver Municipal Code, contracts and purchase orders are awarded as described in the solicitation document.

Right to Accept or Reject

The City of Vancouver reserves the right to cancel the invitation or reject all bids submitted or to waive any minor formalities if it is in the best interest of the City.

Shipping and Delivery

All proposals, quotes and bids must include shipping costs, unless the solicitation specifically states otherwise. All purchases must be shipped as Free On Board (F.O.B) Destination. In the event the City agrees to pay shipping costs, the supplier shall prepay freight and add it to the invoice as a separate line item (F.O.B Destination, Freight Prepaid and Added). In such cases, the supplier shall still be responsible for ensuring the shipment is delivered in acceptable condition to the City of Vancouver.

How the City Pays

Delivery: All shipments to the City of Vancouver shall be made in a timely manner to the location designated on the purchase order.

Invoicing: A separate invoice for each purchase order is required. Invoices should be submitted to the City contact on the Purchase Order or otherwise identified.

Invoices must show: (1) City of Vancouver purchase order number; (2) complete description of goods or service provided; (3) quantity; (4) unit prices and extensions; (5) discount terms; and (6) invoice number.

Payment Terms: The City has a Net 30 payment policy. Payment will be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Business Licensing

Suppliers may be required to hold a city business license if working within Vancouver city limits. The Contractor shall apply for city license via the State of Washington Department of Revenue (DOR), Business Licensing Service (BLS) website. For application assistance, contact DOR BLS at 360-705-6741.

Apprenticeship Program


The City of Vancouver recognizes that a well-trained construction work force is critical to the ability of constructing successful public works projects. Apprenticeship training programs are particularly effective in providing training and experience to individuals seeking to enter or advance in the work force. By providing for apprenticeship utilization on public works projects, the City can create opportunities for training and experience that will help assure that a trained work force will be available in sufficient numbers in the future for the construction of public works projects.

Program Requirements

All public works construction projects estimated to cost $500,000 dollars or more, will require the Contractor to have a percentage of their labor hours performed by apprentices enrolled in an approved Apprenticeship Program. The percentage of hours required for projects are based on the engineer’s estimate for the project as follows:

Engineer’s EstimateRequired Minimum Labor Hours
Under $500,000N/A
$500,001 – $1,500,0003%
$1,500,001 – $3,000,0004%
$3,000,001 – $8,000,0005%
$8,000,001 – $12,000,0006%
Above $12,000,0008%

The Prime Contractor will be required to submit a Monthly Utilization Report with their request for payment, or before the City processes a monthly pay estimate, to aid in the tracking of apprenticeship utilization.  The Monthly Utilization Report shall report on the cumulative delivery of apprentice hours by, by trade, for the project by all Contractors. At the conclusion of the project the Contractors will be required to complete an Apprentice Utilization form.  This form must be completed and submitted prior to payment of the final pay estimate.  For unmet apprenticeship hours, a $100 per hour penalty will be assessed and deducted from any amounts due to the Contractor from the final pay estimate. 

If the Contractor can demonstrate a good faith effort was made to meet the apprenticeship requirement, the penalty may be waived by the Procurement Manager or designee.  The City, at its sole discretion, may reduce or waive the goal if the contractor has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the City that it has utilized its “good faith efforts” to meet the established percentage requirement but remains unable to fulfill the goal.  Good faith effort may be demonstrated by providing documentation that demonstrates one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Apprentice retention issues
  • Apprentice to Journeyperson ratio requirements
  • Classroom Training resulting in less hours on the project
  • Added or deleted work affecting apprenticeship participation
  • Displace member of current workforce
  • Inability to find available apprentices

Following review of the documented good faith effort the City will provide the contractor a determination within five business days. If a delay in providing a determination will occur the City will notify the contractor of the delay and provide a revised determination date.  The City’s decision is not appealable.  

Apprenticeship Program

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