Climate Action

Vancouver is taking urgent action to ensure the safety, security, and stability of our growing community in the face of climate change. How we respond can create opportunities for a healthier, safer, and more equitable community.

As a regional climate leader, the City is developing a wide range of new policies and programs directed by our Climate Action Framework to achieve our community’s climate goals, strengthen our ability to manage impacts that are already here, and make wise investments for the future. Sign up for our Climate Action Updates to receive climate news from the City and information on ways that you can take action.

Climate Action Framework

On Monday, Dec. 5, 2022, after extensive community and stakeholder engagement, City Council approved a resolution to adopt the City’s Climate Action Framework, a roadmap to support a just and equitable transition to community-wide carbon neutrality by 2040 and to build the City’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

The following greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals guide our work:

Community Emissions 2019

Transport and Travel 62%; Buildings and Energy 28%; Other 10%

Municipal Emissions 2019

Buildings and facilities 58%; Street lights and traffic signals 7%; Vehicle fleets 23%; Employee commute 5%; Solid waste facilities 5%; Water and wastewater treatment facilities 2%; Process and fugitative emissions 1%

The Framework provides strategies and specific actions to cut carbon emissions and build community resilience across six focus areas:

Every four years, City staff will work with the community to assess the greenhouse gas reductions that have been achieved and refine the strategies and actions to reflect new policies, technologies, and best available science. The next update of the Climate Action Framework will take place in 2026.

Major Climate Initiatives Underway


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