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Start your commercial or residential project here. We offer land use development, engineering and building permit services online and in person.

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The Permit Center is open online and in-person.

Resources are available online anytime to research project requirements, email applications or questions, upload plan submittals, schedule inspections or a virtual appointment.


In-Person Service

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

By Appointment
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Virtual Appointments

Tuesday, Thursday

  • Are you at the beginning of your project?
  • Do you want to see if your idea would work?
  • Is it about a new building or structure, remodel, addition or tenant improvement?

If this is about an existing application or permit, please email us.

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Permit Specialist

  • Permit Questions
  • ePlans Technical Support

Building Plans Examiner

  • Commercial Questions
  • Residential Questions
  • Energy Code Questions

Land Use Planning

  • Setback Questions
  • Can I do this on my property?

Development Engineering

  • Civil Applications
  • Right-of-Way Use
  • Sewer Connection or Water Meter

Should I Schedule an Appointment?

Online appointments are intended as general information sessions to help customers understand code implications for their project and the permitting process. These appointments are not a substitute for the application, plan review or permit issuance process.

When Do I Need to Schedule a Meeting?

  • Does it involve more than one department, subject, or topic?
  • Do you have general land use, building construction, civil engineering, permitting or process information questions?

What if I Have an Existing Application or Permit?

If you would like to discuss an existing application or permit, please contact the assigned reviewer directly.

If you have inspection questions on an existing application or permit, please contact your inspector directly or email

How to Schedule an Online Appointment

  1. Confirm that the property is in the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction
  2. Gather your questions
  3. Schedule a meeting
  4. Open your confirmation email (check your spam or junk folder)
  5. Click Join your appointment
  6. Meet the team (there will be a Permit Specialist, Building Plans Examiner, Land Use Planner and an Engineering Technician)
  7. Discuss your project