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Land Use and Planning Applications

A pre-application conference is required for all Type II, Type III and applicant-initiated Type IV applications,
unless waived by the Planning Official. Generally, the Planning Official may waive the pre-application
conference only if it is determined that the proposal is relatively simple (e.g. has few, if any, development
related issues). Pre-application conferences shall not be waived for infill development, pursuant to Chapter
20.920 VMC.

Step 1: Pre-Application Conference

Often, the first step in a land use application is attending a pre-application conference with the City. You can bypass this step if you have a Type I application, or you can request a waiver.

Email just the completed application form to

Step 2: Land Use Preliminary Application

The next step is the Land Use Preliminary Application (LUP).

Email your completed LUP application to You will upload your plans and other documents later,

Some projects may qualify for a 90-day streamlined review, which provides a concurrent land use and full civil review. To determine if your project qualifies for a streamline review, please review our fact sheet.

To request a Zoning Verification Letter or Zoning Certificate, please use the following application:


LUP Submittal Checklists and Supplemental Forms

Please select the LUP submittal checklist(s) or supplemental form(s) that best fits your project from the list below. Checklists provide ePlans requirements.

Land Use Development Review Process

Step 3: Civil Engineering Application

The next step is the Civil Engineering Review (ENG).

Email only your completed ENG application to

Step 4: Final Plat Application

This application is required for final plats and final binding site plans.

Email your completed Final Plat Application to

Other Applications