Driveway or New RV Pad Permits

Want to Modify or Add a Second Driveway or New RV Pad to Your Residential Property?

Upon approval, an OTC Land Use Permit will be issued.

Complete a Residential Driveway or RV Pad Permit Request Form

Upload a simple site plan showing both the existing situation and the proposed work.

Permit Created

A planner will email you both the permit number and the fees owing.  They will also let you know if you need a Right-of-Way permit for this project.

Setup an ePermits Account and Pay fees

An ePermits account is required to pay fees online. Online fees may be paid through ePermits via Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or eCheck.

If you don’t have an ePermits account, complete the ePermits Account Request Form to have an account setup.

Site plan review

A planner will review your site plan and email when your permit is approved and issued.


You can now begin work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a driveway?

A driveway is a paved way (gravel is not permitted) for vehicular traffic extending from the roadway to the adjacent property line(s) for the purpose of providing access to legal parking.

Do I need a permit to replace/repair my existing driveway (like for like)?

No. An OTC permit is not required. However, any work within the right-of-way requires a ROW permit. All drainage must remain on-site.

Do I need a permit to install or change a driveway or RV pad?

In the City of Vancouver, modifying a driveway, adding a second driveway or adding a new RV pad always requires a permit. Often, more than one permit is required. A permit is needed for work on private property (Over the Counter (OTC) permit). An additional permit will be needed for work in the public right-of-way (driveway approach/street/curb/sidewalk) (Right-of Way (ROW) permit). 

What if I am changing the driveway approach or sidewalk?

In the City of Vancouver, any work within the right-of-way requires a ROW permit. This permit must be issued to a licensed contractor who is approved to work in the City of Vancouver right-of-way.

What if I still have questions?