City Center Redevelopment Authority


The purpose of the City Center Redevelopment Authority (CCRA) is to provide an independent legal entity under State law and City Ordinance (VMC 2.71) to undertake, assist with and otherwise facilitate the redevelopment of property within the Vancouver City Center Vision plan area (VCCV).

Redevelopment of the VCCV plan area by the CCRA serves essential public purposes by relieving blight, undertaking development of an underutilized area in the heart of the City in a manner consistent with City planning, facilitating private investment and economic development which will build the City’s tax base and create jobs, and providing for the development of public amenities, public parking facilities, recreational and entertainment facilities, connections to the riverfront and coordination of waterfront redevelopment efforts.

Meeting Time: Monthly, on the third Thursday of the month. The meetings begin at 12:30 p.m.

Board Members



Patrick Quinton
CCRA Executive Director

Chris Harder
Deputy Director of Economic Prosperity and Housing

Kimberly Kerlee
Senior Support Specialist

Dan Lloyd
Assistant City Attorney