Property Information Lookup

Visit Clark County Property Information Center
  • Visit Clark County Property Information Center.
    • ​​Search for the property either by address or tax account (parcel number).
    • Use this video Tutorial on how to navigate the Property Information Center.
  • Verify jurisdiction; not all postal addresses of ‘Vancouver, WA’ are actually located within the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction.
  • Note the zoning designation.

If the property is located within Clark County’s jurisdiction, please contact Clark County at or 564-397-2375.

What is the property zoned?

Each piece of property has unique qualities and the zoning designation defines many things including allowed uses. Zoning may be found by visiting Clark County Property Information Center.

What uses are allowed on this property?

Each zoning designation has types of uses that are permitted outright, allowed as a limited use, conditional use or is prohibited.

Explore the allowed uses based on zoning designation:

  • Low Density Residential Districts (R-2, R-4, R-6, R-9) at VMC 20.410.030
  • High Density Residential Districts (R-18, R-22, R-30, R-35) at VMC 20.420.030
  • Commercial and Mixed Use Districts (CN, CC, CG, CX, WX, CPX. MX) at VMC 20.430.30 
  • Industrial Districts (OCI, IL, IH, ECX) at VMC 20.440.030
Can the property be subdivided?

Each zoning district has a set of development standards which lists numerical regulations for a parcel of land. These numerical standards are things such as minimum and maximum lot areas, setbacks, lot dimensions, etc. When it comes to dividing land, it is important to know the total size of the parcel and what the minimum and maximum allowable lot size is. Once you know the zoning and the parcel size of the property, explore the minimum and maximum densities (how many units per acre for higher density residential or minimum and maximum lot sizes for lower density residential) in each residential zoning district.

  • Low Density Residential Districts (R-2, R-4, R-6, R-9) at VMC 20.410.040
  • High Density Residential Districts (R-18, R-22, R-30, R-35) at VMC 20.420.040

Creating 9 or fewer lots is a short subdivision process. Creating 10 or more lots is a subdivision process. Both processes require starting with a pre-application conference. Visit our Land Use and Planning page for more information.

What’s next? Do I need a permit?

Residential property
Many residential projects require a permit before beginning the work. Permits and inspections help preserve property values and enhance health and safety of the community.

Commercial property
A commercial building permit is generally required when changes or alterations are made to a commercial and/or multi-family building or when any new construction is undertaken.

Use our Pre-lease program prior to signing a lease or purchasing a property.