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Planning, Development and Zoning

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning, often referred as current planning, implements the community’s planning and environmental goals through objective, consistent and fair application of city development standards and procedures to all development applications.

Planners from the Land Use Team, with involvement from both other disciplines within the Permit Center and city departments, review proposed developments to ensure they meet the needs of the community at large. Planners compare how the land is used with the zoning code while building plan reviewers and engineers compare how buildings are built with the building codes and engineering standards.

The Vancouver Comprehensive Plan provides the overall long-term vision and policy direction for managing the built and natural environment in Vancouver and providing necessary public facilities.

Title 20 of the Land Use and Development Code of the Vancouver Municipal Code, contains specific implementing development standards. The Plan and code also contain maps designating the types of uses allowed on individual properties citywide.

Getting Started – Land Use and Planning Applications

We compiled the forms, resources and information you’ll need to get started. All land use applications must be submitted electronically through ePlans.