Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides resources to help you with

  • Civil engineering design and review process
  • Utility locations and connections
  • Construction in the public right of way
  • Legal documents and recordings
  • Reimbursement contracts

Applications for Water Meter, Sewer Connection or Right of Way Permit

Contractors must be on our authorized contractor list in order to obtain a right-of-way permit. Please refer to the current Authorized Contractor List. Engineering Services requires a 24 hour notice to process and prepare more than one (1) water meter, sewer connection and/or right of way permit.

For information regarding street use and long term right of way permits please visit Street Use and Right-of-Way Permits.

Water and Sewer Connections

Engineering services can assist with water and sewer locations, issue connections, and provide fee quotes.

Submit a Request for Utility Services to find out where utilities are located in your area and receive a fee quote with all associated connection costs.

Civil Engineering Application

​Email your completed Civil Engineering Application (ENG) (do not send plans at this time) to ePlans.

Your application will be verified for completeness. Our goal is to enter your application within one business day but on occasion this may take longer.

When your application is processed you will receive an email with the fees and application number.

Visit our Getting Started with ePlans webpage for additional information.

Approval Blocks

The approval blocks provided are for use on civil design projects within the City limits, and its utility service areas.

Please choose the appropriate approval block depending on the type of plan submittal.

Recording Documents, Templates and Forms

City of Vancouver approved recording documents, templates and forms

General Requirements, Standards and Details for Utility and Street Systems

Requirements for Water, Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater and Transportation


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