Recording Documents

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Recording Documents Guidelines – Please Read

Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale – Corporation
Bill of Sale – Individual

Cost and Quantity

Cost and Quantity List

Covenant Running with the Land

Covenant Running with the Land – Corporation
Covenant Running with the Land – Individual

Deed of Dedication

Deed of Dedication – Corporation and Individual

Grantors Request Form

Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit (Sample showing how form should be completed – Please note that this form needs to be printed on legal size paper.)


Easement Sewer – Corporation
Easement Sewer – Individual

Easement Sidewalk – Corporation
Easement Sidewalk – Individual

Easement Storm (Drainage) – Corporation
Easement Storm (Drainage) – Individual

Easement Water and Sewer – Corporation
Easement Water and Sewer – Individual

Easement Water – Corporation
Easement Water – Individual

Joint Access Agreement

Joint Access Agreement – Driveway
Joint Access Agreement – Street


Structuring Street Segments
Reporting Form for New Street Segments or Street Extensions

Utility Service Covenants

Utility Service Covenant – Corporation
Utility Service Covenant – Individual