Pre-Lease Program

What is the Pre-Lease Program?

The Pre-Lease program is a resource for business owners who want to lease or buy commercial space, property owners wanting to renovate/redevelop commercial space, and for food truck vendors locating in the City of Vancouver. Staff from relevant city departments will meet with you in the new space, conduct a walk through, and provide comments and answer questions. The focus area for this program are the City Center and Fourth Plain Corridor Subareas.

Who should take advantage of the Pre-Lease Program

  • Any business owner looking to start a new business or re-locate an existing business.
  • Any property owner looking to renovate/redevelop commercial space.

*We recommend you schedule a meeting before signing a lease or purchasing property.

Who attends a Pre-Lease meeting?

  1. The business/property owner and any partners they would like to attend with them, including the property owner, realtors, and contractors or architects.
  2. City Staff from various departments, including the Fire Marshal’s Office, Land Use Planning, Transportation, Engineering, Building, Economic Development and Parking.
  3. Staff from other partner agencies, including Clark County Public Health and the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

What will I learn at a Pre-Lease meeting?

  • The types of businesses that are allowed in the space, based on the zoning.
  • The current occupancy classification of the building and what will be required for your business use.
  • The permitting process for any proposed changes to the building.
  • Ensure that the building and site are safe and suitable for your business.
  • Contact information for staff in the relevant City Departments.

What is the fee for conducting a Pre-Lease meeting?

There is no fee. This is a free service the City provides to help support small businesses locating in the City of Vancouver.

How can I schedule a Pre-Lease meeting?

To set up an appointment, contact Johnnie Hildreth, Associate Planner, at 360-487-7824 or