Complete Streets

Making Vancouver’s transportation system safe and comfortable – no matter how you move around! In 2016, Vancouver City Council adopted the City’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. Action 1.1.1 of the Strategic Plan directs the City to adopt and implement a Complete Streets program which is designed and operated to enable safe mobility for all road users.

In 2017, the City Council adopted a Complete Streets ordinance that set the following vision and intent:

a safe, accessible street system that benefits all users, ages, and abilities, regardless of how they choose to travel; a convenient and interconnected transportation network that improves accessibility to adjacent land uses and fits the dynamics and character of each neighborhood throughout the City; and leveraging local funding for complete streets projects with regional, state, and federal grant funding programs.

Current Projects

E. 29th and E. 33rd Streets

We’re studying how to improve safety and mobility for all people using E. 29th Street between Kauffman Avenue and Neals Lane, and E. 33rd Street between Kauffman Avenue and Grand Boulevard.  Improvements will happen in coordination with pavement work planned for 2025.

Completed Projects

tech center drive

Tech Center Drive

In 2021, the City completed a safety improvement project on SE Tech Center Drive between SE 172nd Avenue and SE Tech Center Place/SE 167th Avenue.

The project improves safety and mobility for people using all modes of transportation, increase multimodal access to a major employment center, and fills an important gap in the City’s bike network.


McLoughlin Boulevard

In 2019, the City constructed improvements on McLoughlin Boulevard between Reserve Street and Brandt Road.

These improvements included both permanent speed cushions and flashing light intersection crossings. The City added buffered bike lanes and “sharrows” (shared lane markings).