McGillivray Boulevard Safety and Mobility Project

Project Overview

The project is exploring ways to make McGillivray Boulevard safer and more comfortable for everyone to travel between SE Chkalov Drive/SE 7th Street and SE 164th Avenue by:

  • Evaluating how McGillivray Boulevard can better meet the needs of people walking, biking, using a mobility device, and driving.
  • Exploring opportunities and examining tradeoffs to improve safety on the corridor ahead of planned pavement work.

McGillivray Boulevard is part of the major east-west corridor of the City’s transportation network, connecting SE 34th Street, McArthur Blvd, and McLoughlin Blvd.

Proposed Design Elements

The design options for the corridor are informed by what we’re hearing from the community and stakeholders, as well as evaluation by our technical team.

To review and provide input on the draft design options, visit the project’s Be Heard Vancouver page.


Community input was used to develop project goals. During Phase 1, community members were asked to share how they use McGillivray Boulevard today, how they would like to use it in the future, and where they experience challenges when traveling on the corridor.

The project goals are:

In Phase 2, which focuses on developing design options, these goals will be used to evaluate how well different design options address the issues identified by community members in addition to the traffic analysis conducted.

Existing Conditions

The project evaluated how McGillivray Boulevard could better meet the needs of people walking, biking, using a mobility device, accessing transit, and driving. Community engagement and analysis of the corridor has helped us to understand what the conditions and concerns are for users of the corridor and the safety and mobility improvement recommendations to be implemented.

Project Phases

The McGillivray Boulevard Safety and Mobility Project began in Fall 2022 and is expected to conclude in Fall 2023.

Phase 1: Analyze the Corridor: The project team will evaluate how McGillivray Boulevard currently operates and is used by all users and modes by:

Phase 2: Develop Options: The project team will use information gathered during the first phase of the study to:

Phase 3: Design Improvements: Based on the feedback gathered during the first two phases of the project, a preferred option will be selected. Following selection of a preferred option, the project team will: