Transportation Planning

We plan and develop policy and programs that identify how and where the City invests in its transportation network to provide a safe, equitable, and accessible transportation system with mobility options for all users, regardless of how they choose to travel. Our efforts are supported and directed by the City’s safety, climate action and equity goals. Transportation Planning works closely with Comprehensive Planning to ensure that our transportation system will meet the needs of our growing population.


We manage Vancouver’s 20-year Transportation System Plan (TSP) and provide support for updates and changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Capital Facilities Plan, subarea plans, and annual review evaluations as needed. Staff is responsible for coordinating with other City departments, County bureaus and the State on regional planning issues. 


Transportation planning leads the planning phase of large transportation capital projects and programs, works alongside Public Works to implement safety improvements on City streets, trails and sidewalks, oversees a robust transportation grants program and coordinates with regional partners on proposed projects within the City of Vancouver.