City awarded grant for energy efficiency upgrades in affordable housing

April 25, 2024

The City of Vancouver has been awarded a $1,030,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce for energy efficiency upgrades in affordable housing. The grant is part of the Multifamily Building Efficiency Grant program and is allocated under the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). Vancouver stands as the sole recipient of CCA funds specifically designated for Multifamily Building Efficiency Grants.

Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, championed this crucial project, which aims to implement energy efficiency retrofits at six affordable housing locations managed by the Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA). These retrofits will advance the state’s goal of carbon pollution reduction and align with Vancouver’s adopted Climate Action Framework, focusing on high-efficiency appliance upgrades, siding repair, window replacement for increased insulation, air sealing and heat pump installations.

“We are grateful for this significant grant award from the State. This funding not only demonstrates the state’s recognition of the critical intersection between housing and climate resilience, but also underscores our shared commitment to creating safe, sustainable communities for all residents,” said Samantha Whitley, Vancouver Housing Program Manager. “These upgrades, to be implemented through our housing partner, VHA, will not only enhance the resilience of our housing stock but also improve the quality of life for those we serve, ensuring that they are better prepared to withstand the challenges of a changing climate.”

The project also serves to enhance climate resilience and equity by safeguarding vulnerable residents, particularly seniors and individuals with disabilities, from extreme heatwaves and wildfire smoke. The installation of energy-efficient heat pump systems, which provide both air conditioning and heat, will mitigate health risks associated with climate hazards such as extreme heat.

”VHA was very excited to learn that the City was awarded funding. We are working to establish benchmarks to reduce our impact on the environment and this opportunity gets us one step closer to our climate goals,” said Victor Caesar, Chief Real Estate Officer at VHA.

Funding for CCA-supported projects is set to be distributed starting January 2025, action that is contingent on the outcome of Initiative 2117 on the November 2024 ballot regarding the Climate Commitment Act.

Media contact: Rebecca Small, Senior Policy Analyst,