Internal Audit

The City of Vancouver undergoes annual audits of our financial records as well as our compliance with state laws and regulations, our own policies and procedures, and management’s accountability for public resources. We also undergo audits of certain federal funds received throughout the year, referred to as a Federal Single Audit. These audits are conducted pursuant to state law by the Washington State Auditor’s Office (SAO).

Additionally, the City is subject to performance audits. Washington voters approved Initiative 900 in November 2005, giving the SAO the funding and authority to conduct independent performance audits of state and local government entities on behalf of community members. The initiative directs SAO to address certain elements within each audit, with the underlying objectives being the promotion of accountability and cost-effective uses of public resources.

The City of Vancouver is committed to accountability and compliance with the laws and regulations surrounding the efficient and effective operation of the programs we administer. We’re proud of our performance throughout the various audits and committed to continued process improvements that will increase our effectiveness and efficiencies.