Urban Forestry Commission

Established for the purpose of managing, conserving and enhancing the existing trees located in the parks and public areas owned by the City of Vancouver and in public rights-of-way, and thereby enhancing the appearance of the city and protecting an important environmental and economic resource for the benefit of the city’s residents and visitors, and for the purpose of assisting property owners and public agencies to improve and maintain trees in a manner consistent with adopted city policies.

For more information visit the Urban Forestry page.

Meeting Time: Third Wednesday of each month, 6:00 p.m.

Number of members: Seven

Length of term: Four years -- Appointed by City Council

Maximum terms: Two


Susan Sanders - Chair Susan Law - Vice Chair
Kelly Boland Dale Erickson
Dawn Freeman Melissa Johnston
Gayla Shanahan  


Charles Ray, Urban Forester

City Hall
415 West 6th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660