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Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Vancouver

Since 2014, City of Vancouver has allowed recreational marijuana retailers, producers and processors, subject obtaining a state license from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), and complying with additional City standards.

State licensing requires:

City standards require:

Vancouver does not prohibit individual medically authorized marijuana users or their designated growers from possessing or growing small amounts of marijuana as allowed under state law, provided possession or growing of marijuana cannot be readily seen or smelled from public areas or sidewalk, or from nearby residences. Vancouver also does not allow for four-person medial cooperatives in residential zones. Vancouver and Washington laws do not allow for medical dispensaries, marijuana delivery businesses, or marijuana clubs or lounges.


For more information or to be put on a mailing list for future changes, please contact:

Bryan Snodgrass
Department of Community Development
(360) 487-7946

Greg Turner
Department of Community Development
(360) 487-7883

Marijuana is legal but do you know the law?

Can I consume Marijuana in public places such as parks or in my vehicle?

No! Washington State law, or Revised Code of Washington, RCW 69.50.445 states:

It is unlawful to open a package containing marijuana, useable marijuana, or a marijuana-infused product, or consume marijuana, useable marijuana, or a marijuana-infused product, in view of the general public. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 3 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW.

The penalty for opening a package of or consuming marijuana, useable marijuana, or marijuana-infused product in view of general public is a civil fine of $103.

Crossing the Washington State line:

Washington laws on possession and consumption of marijuana differ from the laws of other states (including Oregon). Anyone buying marijuana in Washington should understand the laws of the state you are traveling to before crossing the state line. Failure to do so could result in criminal action being taken against you.

Remind me of the legal possession amounts?

What does the new law mean for law enforcement?