Sharing correction items

In ePlans, only the person listed as the Electronic Plan Submitter can access the application. However, the Electronic Plan Submitter can send markups to another person in a couple different ways. You can send all the markups on an application, send only a certain departments markups or send the markups on one file as a pdf. Below are step by step instructions on how this can be done for each. To start, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to ePlans by clicking on the ePlans link of the City of Vancouver’s website or the link contained in the ePlans email invitation. Enter your password and click ‘Login.’

Step 2: To the left, click on the ‘Tasks’ tab and then the ‘Applicant Resubmit Task’ name or the ‘Complete’ button next to it. 

This opens the Applicant Resubmit Task. With the task open, you have a few options to share the correction items. 

Send the Markup on one File as a PDF

If you would like to share a correction item on the full size plan sheet with the markups on it please follow these instructions. 

In the Applicant Resubmit Task, scroll down to Step 1 of 4 and click on the Review Comments button.

Click on the Download arrow to the right of the correction item you’d like to share.

This opens the file as a PDF with the markup burnt into it. You can hover over any markup to see the content.

You can now save this file on your computer or email it to a third party to share it.

Send All Markups or Only Certain Departments Markups 

To share all the markups or only a certain departments markups, start in the Applicant Resubmit Task by using the steps above and go down to Step 1 of 4. Click on the Export to Excel button. 

A window opens where you select to export the markups all in one excel file or multiple excel files based on department. Having multiple excel files based on the department might be helpful if you want to send the corrections just from building or fire to a different person. Once you select the option you want, click Download. 

This opens one excel file or multiple excel files of all the markups depending on the option you selected. It shows the same information you can view in ePlans, like the reference number, department name, name of the reviewer, markup title, cycle number, markup details, etc. It will also show any existing responses you have entered in ePlans. This spreadsheet can be saved on your computer or emailed to third parties.

It is a protected spreadsheet so you can only enter an applicant response and you are not able to move or edit any other columns or rows. The goal is that you can send this to a third party who can review and respond to each of the correction items. You can save the excel spreadsheet with your own file name. This would be helpful if your going to be getting responses from multiple people. 

In the view column, you can click on the open link to open the file in a full screen view with the markups on it. When you click on open, it will ask if you want to open the file. Click OK. 

Now it will open this file with the markups on it. You can hover over each markup to view the content. You do not need to be the electronic plan submitter to use this feature so it’s perfect for sharing the correction items with a third party like your architect or engineer. 

All of the responses can be entered at one time or only some of them at a time. A third party can enter the applicant responses and send it back to you as the electronic plan submitter so you can upload them into ePlans without having to copy and paste or retype everything. Please see Applicant Resubmit Task for step-by-step instructions on how to Import Excel Responses to ePlans. 

These are your options for sharing the correction items in ePlans.

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help.