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City closes year with additional funding for climate; secures $1.86 million in federal, state and regional climate funds in 2023

December 28, 2023

Vancouver, Wash. – The City of Vancouver was recently awarded a $575,000 formula grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce Climate Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and the transportation sector community-wide, and to enhance local planning for climate resilience. This brings the City’s total for climate-specific grants to $1.86 million during 2023.

“As we head into 2024, this funding will help the City launch critical initiatives that bring the community along in achieving our 2040 climate goals,” said Rebecca Small, the City’s climate lead. “Everyone has a role to play in building a more sustainable future, and these City-led projects will support households and property owners in the transition to becoming carbon-free.” 

The Commerce Climate Planning Grants are part of the state’s implementation of HB 1181 (2023), which added climate requirements to the Growth Management Act. The City will use this funding for four projects directly tied to advancing our community-wide climate goals: A citywide electric vehicle charging strategy, asset vulnerability mapping as part of the Comprehensive Plan update, a citywide commercial building decarbonization strategy and a low carbon transportation acceleration strategy.

In 2023, the City also secured climate funding from USDA Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry, Washington State Department of Transportation Sustainable Aviation Grants, Washington State Department of Commerce Solar Plus Storage for Resilient Communities and the Southwest Regional Transportation Council Transportation Alternative Program. The total of $1.86 million goes towards carbon sequestration, renewable energy, community resilience, green jobs and active transportation projects.

The City is also strategically integrating climate-related elements into new grants and citywide initiatives to advance long-term land use, transportation improvements, energy efficiency and other goals outlined in the Climate Action Framework. The City of Vancouver expects to apply for additional state and federal grants for climate activities in 2024 and 2025. 

City of Vancouver Climate Action

The City adopted its first Climate Action Framework in December 2022, a roadmap to support a just and equitable transition to community-wide carbon neutrality by 2040. With some of the most ambitious climate targets in the country, the City is working to rapidly reduce its carbon footprint and launch transformative community climate initiatives over the next decade. For more information about the City’s efforts related to climate change, visit

Contact: Stacey Dalgaard, Associate Climate Project Coordinator, City of Vancouver, 360-947-6503