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City secures 58 new grants in 2023

March 4, 2024

The City of Vancouver secured 58 new grants and pending awards totaling $46.9 million in 2023 to support key ongoing initiatives at the City. City staff has also managed the implementation of 96 ongoing grant projects worth an additional $99.9 million, bringing the total grants portfolio for 2023 to 154 awards totaling $146.8 million.

The federal, state and local grants are helping fund projects which include addressing the affordable housing crisis, improving community safety, implementing water system improvements, promoting equity and inclusion and taking measurable climate action. So far, 21 grant projects have been completed in 2023, with more expected to be finalized in the coming months as remaining grant applications are processed.

“I am grateful for the success we have had in securing these grants,” said City Manager Eric Holmes. “City staff have worked diligently to identify and pursue these funding opportunities. The recent federal and state investment in local climate, infrastructure and related initiatives has been described as a once-in-a-generation funding environment and Vancouver is committed to making the most of this exceptional opportunity. Thank you to staff from across the whole City for their incredible work to leverage our local funds in such a meaningful way”.

City staff completed 21 grant projects totaling $11.3 million in 2023, including:  

  • Fourth Plain Community Commons
  • Pearson Airport Runway and Taxiway Rehabilitation Construction
  • Urban Forestry Management Plan Development
  • Fire Department Hazardous Materials Training
  • Officer’s Row Roofing Improvements (Buildings 1 and 2)

To further capitalize on the current funding environment, the City Manager’s Office has established a new Citywide Grants Team. This team is working closely with City departments to identify new funding opportunities, assist with proposal development and improve post-award monitoring. As part of their efforts to improve operational effectiveness, communication, and tracking of outcomes, the Citywide Grants Team will also update and streamline grant policies, processes and systems in 2024.

Media contact: Tim Becker, Strategic Communications Manager,