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Firstenburg Gymnasium

Firstenburg’s two-court gymnasium is home to recreational leagues, drop-in sports and more. For information about gymnasium rentals, call 360-487-7005 or email

  • 12,000 square feet
  • Lined for basketball, volleyball and pickleball
  • Two courts can be separated by a curtain
  • Environmentally friendly features include a certified maple spring floor, bleachers made from milled site fir and natural ventilation

Gym Schedule

Scheduled activities are open on a first-come, first-served basis until the gym reaches capacity.

The gym is also open for general use by members and visitors during unprogrammed hours.

Gym Rules

  • Gym use requires a drop-in fee or Firstenburg Community Center Pass
  • Only water is allowed in the gym — no food, coffee or sports drinks
  • No unauthorized personal training or coaching
  • No chairs, garbage cans or unauthorized training gear on the court
  • Do not dunk or hang on the basketball rims or nets
  • Only half-court games are permitted during non-programmed gym times
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • During drop-in programs, children ages 7+ may watch from the bleachers if a parent or guardian is participating

Firstenburg Pickleball Rules and Policies

Sign In Process

  • All players must sign in on the program sign in sheet by the front desk.
  • Sign in begins 30-minutes prior to the session start time. Exception: Sign in will begin when the building opens for the 6 a.m. session.
  • Players must be physically present to sign in, they may not sign in other players.
  • Wristbands will be issued for each session at sign in, they must be worn on the wrist during play.
  • Any player not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave the court and remove their paddle from the active player queue. If they choose to wait for a spot to open, they may place their paddle at the end of the waitlist queue on the 2nd row of bleachers.
  • Once the maximum number of players has signed in, the session is FULL.
  • After the session is full, remaining players without a wristband may place their paddle on the 2nd row of the bleachers for a waitlist spot. Paying the drop-in fee is required to be on the waitlist and does not guarantee you will be able to play.

Queue Process

  • The queue is the order in which players will take the open spots on the court. Paddles are placed on the bottom/first row bench.
  • Courts are divided into competitive play on the right side, and recreational play on the left side.
  • Paddles may be stacked to partner up with another player. Stacked paddles must be separated if only one player is needed to fill a spot on the court and no other players are waiting.
  • If you forfeit your turn in the queue, your paddle will be moved to the END of the queue. You are not able to forfeit your turn and take the next open spot(s).
  • Players may choose to put their paddle in either queue line (one at a time) and can switch between lines throughout the session.
  • After an active player with a wristband leaves, players on the waitlist may add their paddle to the active player queue in the order they were waitlisted.
  • Teams coming on to a court play two games and then rotate out, regardless of wins or losses. The exception is when a new court opens and all four players are new to the court, then the losers of the first game rotate off. The winners rotate off after their second game.