Testify Before the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission wants to hear from you. We take comments from community members regarding any issue at every meeting. Look for information about our upcoming meetings on the calendar and view recent agendas.

When providing comments or testimony, please keep remarks brief and directed to the Planning Commission as a body, not the audience, staff or the applicant. Please limit your testimony or comments to 3 minutes, or about 400 words.

There are two opportunities to speak to the Planning Commission at a meeting

1. Community Forum

The public is invited to speak regarding any issue.

2. Public Testimony

The public is invited to provide testimony regarding an action item on the meeting’s agenda.

There are three ways to provide comments

1. In Writing

Send all comments to planningcommission@cityofvancouver.us before noon the day of the meeting. These comments will be distributed to the Planning Commission before the meeting and to the relevant project staff to be entered into the official record. You do not need to fill out the below form to send in written comments. 

2. Remotely

Fill out this form before noon the day of the meeting and join the meeting via Zoom or phone (link/phone number on each agenda). Staff will call on you to speak when its your turn. 

3. In Person

Fill out this form before noon the day of the meeting or complete a speaker request form in person prior to the start of Community Forum.

Testimony Form

Limit of 50 characters