Playground Removals

Playground safety is a top priority for Vancouver Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. That is why playground structures must be removed when the equipment has aged out of the parks system, which is typically 20-25 years after installation.

We understand the importance of community access to playgrounds, so we check equipment regularly to monitor for safety issues and perform routine maintenance when replacement parts are available. Unfortunately, sometimes equipment must be removed to protect public safety. 

Three playgrounds were removed in 2022. Due to the close proximity of other playgrounds near these park sites (within 1 mile), there are currently no plans to replace the playgrounds at these parks. 

Playgrounds Scheduled to Be Removed

Playground Removal Process

While each decision to remove a playground is unique, the general process remains the same:

Share Your Park Improvement Ideas

Although there are no immediate plans to replace these playgrounds, we are always happy to hear ideas from the community about what they would like to see at their local parks!

If you have additional questions, contact the Parks Manager at 360-487-8309.