Neighborhood Tree Steward Application Form

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1. Are you able to commit to serving as your neighborhood's tree steward for at least one year?
After completing the course, NT Stewards are invited to attend monthly Urban Forestry Commission meetings, join an Urban Forestry Commission subcommittee (Greenway Corridor Planting subcommittee, Pollinators subcommittee, Heritage Tree subcommittee) participate with Friends of Trees neighborhood projects, and/or support Urban Forestry projects and events.
These do not have to be ‘tree-related’ skills. Are you interested in urban design, community building, event planning, education, working with youth? Do you enjoy talking to neighbors and learning more about your neighborhood?
Previous NTS projects have included: helping neighbors plant more trees, advocating for more trees in a local park, identifying and mapping trees, or educating neighbors about proper tree pruning.

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