Storm Drain Medallion Program

Install storm drain markers in your neighborhood to reduce pollution! Did you know what flows down the storm drain could also pollute our streams, rivers and wetlands? Because many stormwater drains lead to streams and groundwater, the City of Vancouver encourages marking drains with medallions that provide an important message: Only Rain Down the Drain.

Pesticides and garden chemicals, soap from car washing, pet waste and automotive fluids can wash off driveways, streets and lawns into storm drains which then flow into streams and other water bodies. Volunteer groups can work with the City to install medallions near storm drains in an effort to raise awareness about the link between stormwater drainage and water quality. 

The City of Vancouver will provide medallions, supplies and training to neighborhoods, education groups or other volunteers. Learn more about this program by reviewing the information below, also on a handy fact sheet, and review the installation guide.

Stormdrain medallion

Storm Drain Marker Installation Project Checklist

Follow these simple steps to organize your work party and complete your project.

  1. Complete online volunteer application – Please have the lead volunteer fill out the online application.
  2. Contact the Water Resources Education Center – Schedule an in-person orientation time at the Water Center. Call 360-487-7111 or email
  3. Coordinate your group – All volunteers must sign and return the Volunteer Agreement before beginning work.  
  4. Pick up your medallion kit and learn how to use ArcGIS – The City is using ArcGIS, an online mapping tool, to track every medallion installed. Staff will orient you to the app, show you the gear and give a safety orientation. Bring your smart phone to orientation.
  5. Return kit to the Water Center – Return the kit with all the tools and remaining materials. 

Equipment Checklist

This simple kit will have everything you need to host a work party – you just supply the volunteers!

Safety Guidelines

Make sure all of your volunteers are informed on all safety protocols.

Clark County Storm Drain Marking Program

Regional partners across our community are committed to helping remind residents to protect water and that only rain should go down the drain. Check out Clark County’s program webpage, which includes a video to help you learn how to mark storm drains