Water and Nature Resources


The Water Resources Education Center invites you to explore the natural environment! Join us on this journey of discovery through educational videos and other resources, below.


The following articles were featured in recent Water Center newsletters. Please enjoy reading them and uncovering interesting facts about flowers, birds, trees, water and much more!


Explore Your Watershed

Learn about and explore your watershed with Stormwater Partners online tool, ‘Explore Your Watershed.’ This ArcGIS StoryMap was by Clark County Public Works with a grant from the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board to be an immersive learning experience based on information about the ten major watersheds in Clark County. The Explore Your Watershed StoryMap is a great tool to help you find trails, learn about amazing creatures, dive into stream health and connect with the waterways that make Clark County awesome.

Become a Watershed Steward

Are you interested in learning more about how you can help maintain a healthy watershed? Learn how to become a Watershed Steward in Clark County through the Clark Conservation District’s program.


The Student Watershed Monitoring Network’s online database is ‘FieldScope’, a BSCS Science Learning product funded in part by the National Science Foundation. This FieldScope database is upgraded by the contributions of BSCS, Clark County Clean Water Division and the City of Vancouver Water Resources Education Center and improved by thousands of students and teachers from around the county and through the decades by their data collection and watershed studies. This FieldScope project is made possible by a grant from the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board to create a publicly accessible, community science driven database with tools to promote science communication and data analysis.

Your Drinking Water and Groundwater

Did you know that all City of Vancouver drinking water comes from underground aquifers? Watch this video to learn more about groundwater and aquifers. 

Your Backyard

Save water and create a beautiful backyard! Learn about the Backyard Habitat Certification Program.