Report a Spill or Illicit Discharge

Illicit discharge is any discharge entering the storm sewer system that is not composed entirely of stormwater. The stormwater system is not designed to accommodate additional water or waste, and these illicit discharges can be harmful to the system and the environment.

Why Reporting Spills Matters

Spills to our streets and storm drains are carried through stormwater drainage systems to local streams where they cause problems for people, pets and the environment. We need to know about spills so we can try to contain them before they reach our local streams and other waterways.

An oil spill lines a roadway

To Report a Spill,
Call 360-487-8177

If you spill

  1. Stop the spill and warn others in the area immediately
  2. Shut off any ignition sources, including cigarettes
  3. Contain the spill
  4. Report the spill immediately

If any spill appears to have an immediate threat to public health and safety, call 911.

There are legal reporting requirements for any responsible party. Learn more about reporting from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Examples of what to report

Pollutants from these activities mix with rainwater and flow into Vancouver’s storm drains and empty into the nearest body of water or flow into our groundwater. Please call Public Works Operations and Maintenance at 360-487-8177 if you see any of these flowing into storm drains or waterways within Vancouver’s city limits:

  • Concrete washout from home improvement or construction projects
  • Construction sites without effective erosion control measures
  • Chlorinated swimming pool water
  • Food or grease
  • Mud or muddy water, typically from a construction site
  • Mobile businesses dumping wastewater (ex. carpet cleaning)
  • Paint, motor oil, or other contaminant
  • Soapy water
  • Vehicle fluids

Use this interactive map to determine if the spill is in Vancouver city limits.

Thank you for protecting local waterways!